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About Alabama Department of Corrections

Alabama Department of Corrections is the agency in that holds all of the records of inmates serving their sentence in Alabama state prisons. The department of corrections online database only has information on inmates currently sitting in a state prison. The easiest way to search for an inmate is to have their Alabama Institutional Serial, also known as AIS handy. 

Unlike the state of Alabama, county and city jails keep their inmate records separate. You will need to go to their databases for further details on how to search for an inmate in a city or county jail. 

Basic Information

Department Name Alabama Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL
Phone Number 334-353-3883

How to Do an Inmate Search in Alabama

When an offender is housed in a state prison, they are property of the Department of Corrections Division. As stated above every state’s Department of Corrections Division has their own jail roster or database that the general public may use.

The Alabama Department of Corrections database can be found on the official Alabama Department of Corrections website.

You can search the database by using the following pieces of information:

The Alabama Institutional Serial Number or AIS will take precedence during all searches. The AIS is a six-digit number. All incoming inmates will be assigned their AIS by the Alabama Department of Corrections. This will be the easiest and quickest way to locate an inmate.

If you decide to enter their AIS number in the field provided, you will NOT need to enter their first and last name. However, the AIS field will only show results for the EXACT number you have entered, so you will want to double check, if no results pop up.

If you don’t know the inmate’s AIS number or there is no search results for the AIS number you plugged in, your next thing you can do is search by the inmate’s first and last name.

When you finally get some search results, you will see a list of all inmates that fit the criteria you plugged in.

You will see the following pieces of information:

You can click on the inmate’s name to bring up their own personal file. When you do this, you will see the following information:

Types of Correctional Facilities in Alabama

List of Correctional Facilities in Alabama

There are 416 jails and prisons in Alabama.
Showing 1 – 50 of 416 results
Correctional Facility Name Type County
Autauga County Metro Jail County Jail Autauga County
Barbour County Jail County Jail Barbour County
Baldwin County Corrections Center County Jail Baldwin County
Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Baldwin County
Bibb County Jail County Jail Bibb County
Blount County Corrections Department County Jail Blount County
Bullock County Jail County Jail Bullock County
Chambers County Detention Facility County Jail Chambers County
Butler County Correctional Facility County Jail Butler County
Calhoun County Jail County Jail Calhoun County
Cherokee County Detention Center County Jail Cherokee County
Chilton County Department of Corrections County Jail Chilton County
Clarke County Jail County Jail Clarke County
Choctaw County Jail County Jail Choctaw County
Clay County Jail County Jail Clay County
Cleburne County Jail County Jail Cleburne County
Coffee County Jail County Jail Coffee County
Coosa County Jail County Jail Coosa County
Colbert County Jail County Jail Colbert County
Conecuh County Jail County Jail Conecuh County
Cullman County Detention Center County Jail Cullman County
Covington County Jail County Jail Covington County
Crenshaw County Jail County Jail Crenshaw County
Cullman County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Cullman County
Dale County Jail County Jail Dale County
Dallas County Jail County Jail Dallas County
DeKalb County Detention Center County Jail DeKalb County
Escambia County Jail County Jail Escambia County
Elmore County Jail County Jail Elmore County
Etowah County Detention Center County Jail Etowah County
Fayette County Jail County Jail Fayette County
Geneva County Jail County Jail Geneva County
Franklin County Jail County Jail Franklin County
Hale County Jail County Jail Hale County
Greene County Jail County Jail Greene County
Henry County Jail County Jail Henry County
Houston County Jail County Jail Houston County
Neaves-Davis Juvenile Center County Jail Madison County
Jackson County Jail County Jail Jackson County
Birmingham Jail City Jail Jefferson County
Jefferson County Jail Bessemer AL County Jail Jefferson County
Jefferson County Jail Birmingham AL County Jail Jefferson County
G. Ross Bell Youth Detention Center County Jail Jefferson County
Lamar County Jail County Jail Lamar County
Lawrence County Jail County Jail Lawrence County
Lauderdale County Jail County Jail Lauderdale County
Lee County Detention Facility County Jail Lee County
Limestone County Detention Facility County Jail Limestone County
Lowndes County Jail County Jail Lowndes County
Macon County Jail County Jail Macon County
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