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Tehachapi State Prison CCI

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California Correctional Institution (CCI) houses Adult in the city of Tehachapi, California. The prison opened their doors in 1954.

This multi-mission facility consists of the following smaller buildings:

  • Level I
  • Level III
  • Level IV
  • Security Housing Unit
  • Administrative Segregation Unit
  • Prison Industry Authority
  • Protective Housing Unit
  • Long-Term Restricted Housing
  • Correctional Treatment Center
  • Enhanced Program Facility

Tehachapi State Prison CCI - General Information

Facility Name: Tehachapi State Prison CCI
Facility Type: State Prison
Address: 24900 Highway 202PO Box 1031, Tehachapi, CA, 93581
Phone: 661-822-4402
Capacity: 5758
Facility Type: Adult
Date Established: 1954
City: Tehachapi
Postal Code: 93581
State: California
County: Kern County
Official Website: http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Facilities_Locator/CCI.html

Finding someone who is currently serving time in the California Correctional Institution (CCI) is easier than ever. California state prisons have their own database that can be found on the California Department of Corrections official website.

The only information you will need in order to have a successful inmate search at the California Correctional Institution (CCI) is their inmate number or their first and last name.

Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

Earlier we stated how the California Correctional Institution (CCI) consisted of many smaller buildings, so if you are looking to send mail and/or a package, this can be tricky. First question comes to mind is “Where is California Correctional Institution (CCI)?”

To send mail and packages, here are all the addresses they have. However, keep in mind, you will need to ask the inmate what building they are in to ensure that they will receive your letter or package in a timely manner.

Inmate Name, ID
California Correctional Institution (CCI)
24900 Highway 202 PO Box 1031, Tehachapi, CA, 93581

Besides letters you can send the following items:

  • Books, Magazines, & Newspapers (Must be from the publisher with a max limit of 4)
  • Photos
  • Stamps (max limit of 40)
  • Calendars
  • Children’s Drawings
  • Postage Embossed Envelopes (max limit of 40)
  • Legal Paper
  • Blank Envelopes
  • Typing Paper
  • Blank Paper

Inmates can receive quarterly packages. The approved vendor list is here.

Sending Money

There are three different ways one can send money to those serving time in California Correctional Institution (CCI).

Lock Box

Lock Box will be the most cost-effective way to send money. There is no fee to use this service. This service provides a smaller hold time when sending money by personal check, money order, or using a cashier’s check.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

The electronic funds transfer will be the fastest option out of the three. It will post the money on the inmates account within 72 hours. However, this is a paid service. You will be paying for their service.

The service providers are the following:

  • JPay
  • GTL/Connectnetwork
  • Keefe

Send Checks to the Prison

This service is completely free. However, out of the three services, this way will take the longest. All money going to the prison is subjected to a 30-day hold. You will need to make all checks and money orders out to the California Department of Corrections. Also write the inmates number on the check too.

Phone calls

The California Correctional Institution (CCI) contracts with the Department of General Services Inmate/Ward Telephone System also known as GTL.

GTL has two different plans for their inmates. You can either choose prepaid collect or collect. Prepaid collect is funding the account each month and money getting deducted as it is used. The collect plan is where you will receive a monthly bill every month like your own cell phone bill.


The easiest and fastest way to set-up a visitation appointment with an inmate is to sign up for California Department of Corrections website. Before you sign up for a visiting appointment, you will need to make an account first.

Visiting Hours

Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The visiting starts in first in, first out type of fashion. No new visitors will be allowed in 45 minutes before the end of the visit day. 45 minutes before the end of the visit day officers start escorting those who were first in out of the visitor room.

How Often Can I Visit?

You can visit as often as there are appointments in California Correctional Institution (CCI). They upload new appoints for the California Correctional Institution (CCI) on Sundays at 8pm.


Refer the map below to find the driving directions

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