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About Iowa Department of Corrections

Inmates serving their time in Iowa state prisons records are kept by the Iowa Department of Corrections. The department of corrections can be search by the public with the following information:

While the Iowa Department of Corrections tries to keep their database up to date, you may find sometimes it is not current if there have been proceedings one after the other. For complete updated information, you can contact the Iowa Department of Corrections at 515-725‐5701.

However, the city and county jails don’t use the same database as the state of Iowa; you will need to contact proper authorities for their inmate records.


Basic Information

Department Name Iowa Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 510 E 12th St, Des Moines, IA 50319, United States
Phone Number +1 515-725-5701

How to Do an Inmate Search in Iowa

When an offender is housed in a state prison, they are the property of the Department of Corrections Division. As stated above every state’s Department of Corrections Division has their own jail roster or database that the general public may use.

The Iowa Department of Corrections offender search database can be found on the official Iowa Department of Corrections website.

You can search the inmate list by using the following pieces of information:

You will see the following pieces of information in the Iowa jails inmate search:

You can click on the inmate’s name to bring up their own personal file. When you do this, you will see the following information:

Who’s in Jail

As we stated above, the only prisons you will be able to find in the Iowa inmate search are state-operated facilities. All city and county jails are NOT in this database whatsoever.

In the state of Iowa, there is 12 state prisons, such as the Iowa State Penitentiary. These prisons are available in the above database. All other prisons that are not listed below will NOT come up in the roster. Keep this in mind when searching for an inmate in the Iowa prison inmate lookup database brought to you by the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Looking for who’s in jail in city and county jails will be more difficult than trying to find out who’s in jail in a state or a federal prison. There is typically not much information on these smaller jails. A lot of city jails do not even supply an inmate database to the general public. However, it is not impossible to locate an inmate in one of those facilities, if you know exactly who to seek out with your questions.

As far as county jails, majority of county jails will be managed and operated by that county’s Sheriff’s department. They will be the agency, you should reach out to if you believe the person you are looking for is in a county jail.

As far as city jails, majority of city jails do not have much information about them. They are typically just holding pens for inmates to be transferred out to their “permanent” jail. If you believe the person you are looking for is in a city jail, it is best to contact that cities corrections division. You can typically find all department information on the city’s official website.

Jail Roster and Mugshots

The Iowa Department of Corrections offender search database is updated regularly. It is typically updated during normal business hours. You will notice that inmate’s information can change quite frequently. Especially, if they have court proceedings and such.

If you have any questions or want to have the updated information, you will be required to contact the facility that the inmate is in. They will have the utmost updated information available on the inmate.

If you believe the information on an inmate is incorrect, you will want to contact the facility in which the inmate is held to dispute the information.

In the jail roster, you will also find the inmate’s mugshot. This mugshot is taken when an inmate is being booked and processed into a state prison. The mugshots typically do not change unless an inmate is getting transferred into another state prison facility.

You can also use the VINELink (VINE) to get notifications on inmate’s moving throughout the system. You will need to select the state of Florida. You will then want to select that you are searching for an offender or a defendant.

You will need to click the notification section of the inmate’s profile to get notified through text, calls, or email. When they make any changes to their VINE account, you’ll get notified in real-time.

Sex Offender Search

You may notice that there is not a way to search for sex offenders in the Iowa inmate search. That’s because the sex offender search is in a whole different database. Just like the Iowa DOC inmate lookup this database is available to the general public to use also.

The sex offender database can be found on the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
Department of Public Safety Building.

You can search this database by the following pieces of information:

Keep in mind that you will be able to search the database by either the offender's name or the address fields.

This offender search is strictly for offenders that are NOT in a state prison. These offenders are out on their own in the community.

When you do a successful search, you will see the following information:

Types of Correctional Facilities in Iowa

List of Correctional Facilities in Iowa

There are 213 jails and prisons in Iowa.
Showing 101 – 150 of 213 results
Correctional Facility Name Type County
Des Moines Jail City Jail Polk County
DeWitt Jail City Jail Clinton County
Dubuque Jail City Jail Dubuque County
Dyersville Jail City Jail Dubuque County
Eagle Grove Jail City Jail Wright County
Eldridge Jail City Jail Scott County
Eldora Jail City Jail Hardin County
Fairbank Jail City Jail Buchanan County
Evansdale Jail City Jail Black Hawk County
Fairfield Jail City Jail Jefferson County
Fort Dodge Jail City Jail Webster County
Fort Madison Jail City Jail Lee County
Garner Jail City Jail Hancock County
Northwest Iowa YES Center County Jail Lyon|oscelopa|dickinson|emmet|sioux|o'brien|clay|cherokee|woodbu County
Winnebago County Jail County Jail Winnebago County
Pocahontas County Jail County Jail Pocahontas County
Webster County Law Enforcement Center County Jail Webster County
Lee County Jail County Jail Lee County
Scott County Jail County Jail Scott County
Wayne County Jail County Jail Wayne County
Palo Alto County Jail County Jail Palo Alto County
Warren County Jail County Jail Warren County
Jasper County Jail County Jail Jasper County
Kossuth County Jail County Jail Kossuth County
O'Brien County Jail County Jail O'brien County
Union County Jail County Jail Union County
Mahaska County Jail County Jail Mahaska County
Tama County Jail County Jail Tama County
Taylor County Jail County Jail Taylor County
Mills County Jail County Jail Mills County
Wapello County Jail County Jail Wapello County
Mitchell County Jail County Jail Mitchell County
Ringgold County Jail County Jail Ringgold County
Lucas County Jail County Jail Lucas County
Louisa County Jail County Jail Louisa County
Bellevue Public Safety Jail County Jail Jackson County
Muscatine County Jail County Jail Muscatine County
Washington County Jail County Jail Washington County
Central Iowa Juvenile Detention County Jail Story| Webster| Hardin| Boone|calhoun | Hamilton County
Marshall County Jail County Jail Marshall County
Johnson County Jail County Jail Johnson County
Scott County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Scott County
Winneshiek County Jail County Jail Winneshiek County
Story County Jail County Jail Story County
Poweshiek County Jail County Jail Poweshiek County
Osceola County Jail County Jail Osceola County
Monroe County Jail County Jail Monroe County
Plymouth County Jail County Jail Plymouth County
Keokuk County Jail County Jail Keokuk County
Wright County Jail County Jail Wright County
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