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The City of Rayne Jail is also known as Rayne Jail. The facility is managed by the Rayne Police Department. The people who are arrested typically are here for short periods of time before they are transferred out to the Acadia Parish County Jail.

Rayne Jail - General Information

Facility Name: Rayne Jail
Facility Type: City Jail
Address: 200 Oak Street PO Box 69, Rayne, LA, 70578
Phone: 337-334-4215
Facility Type: Adult
City: Rayne
Postal Code: 70578
State: Louisiana
County: Acadia Parish County

Looking for someone in the Rayne Jail is easier than ever now. You do not have to phone anyone. You do not have to play phone tag. You do not have to wait on hold. Not to mention, you no longer must worry about them hanging up on you!

You can find the Rayne Jail database on the official Rayne Police Department website. You can do a quick inmate search there. You can search for inmates by their first and last name, date of birth, or their arrest number.

When you do the search, you will need to click on the inmate’s name to find out where they are located. You will also be able to see what they are being charged with, if they have a bond, and other important information.

Keep in mind that if they are being charged with Class B Misdemeanor or above, they will be transferred to the Acadia Parish County Jail after 24 hours of being in the Rayne Jail.

Inmates that were transferred out of the Rayne Jail will not appear in the database.

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Sending a Mail/Care Package

Inmates can receive letters from their family and friends. To mail a letter to an inmate, you will need to use this mailing address:

Inmate Name, Inmate Number
Rayne Jail
200 Oak Street PO Box 69, Rayne, LA, 70578

Sending Money

To send money to inmates, you will need to take a money order down to the Rayne Jail front desk. On that money order, you will need to have the inmates first and last name along with their inmate ID number.

Phone calls

Inmates cannot receive incoming calls, but they can make outgoing calls. All outgoing calls from the Rayne Jail is a collect call. There will be fees for the receiver of the collect calls. Inmates will only be able to connect with home landline phones.

If you do not have a home landline, you will need to head on over to GTL.net to set up an account to receive calls. This method also incurs fees too.


Inmates do not have access to the internet while they are in the Rayne Jail. They will not have access to email. Unlike other jails, the Rayne Jail does not provide their inmates with any sort of email services.


The commissary is where inmates can purchase food, beverages, clothes, entertainment, and so much more. It is the prison store. Inmates can shop in the prison store as long as they have money in their commissary account.

Visiting Rules

Visits are allowed 24/7. The only times when visits are not permitted is when the inmates have court and during their meal times.

When visiting an inmate, you will need to know his or her arrest number and their date of birth. This information can easily be located on the database.
You will need to bring a photo identification card with you to be permitted into the visitation area. If you are bringing someone under the age of 17, a jail supervisor will have to review the request before they are permitted to visit.

If you or the inmate were previously in a domestic violence incident or an altercation, the visit will be denied.

Visiting Hours

Monday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The visiting starts in first in, first out type of fashion. No new visitors will be allowed in 45 minutes before the end of the visit day. 45 minutes before the end of the visit day officers start escorting those who were first in out of the visitor room.

How Often Can I Visit?

You can visit as often as you would like. If the inmate is available and you are in good standing with the Rayne Jail, you will be permitted to see the inmate.


Prison Life

When inmates are brought to the Rayne Jail, they are typically being charged with minor misdemeanor charges such as being high or drunk, and sometimes even with injuries from assaults or fights that usually leads to their arrest. Some people coming in are mentally ill with no place to go.

The Rayne Jail has pods, which is a large common area that inmates can use. The common area has tables and chairs for the inmates to sit at. Most of the cells in the jail are individual cells. Majority of the time, inmates will be locked in their cells, but inmates do have times where they can sit in the common area and play board games, eat, and watch television with their fellow inmates.

Inmates are not permitted to leave the common area unless they have permission to go to the library, recreation room, or the commissary.

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